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Tired of Republicans, the Freedom Caucus, Limbaugh, and Fox framing the debate?

GO ON THE OFFENSE! Show people how you feel!

ANKLEJIVE is committed to taking a stand, and helping like-minded individuals speak out for fairness, justice, equality, human rights, harmony, peace, protecting the environment, ending wars and hunger, empowering people and infusing a little humor where little or none exists now.*

There are lots of stickers companies out there. Most of them create messages for all sides of the political spectrum. NOT US!!! We know who our tribe is and we're sticking with good liberals and progressives everywhere, fighting for positive changes that will make our world a better place.

By purchasing and displaying a sticker from ANKLEJIVE, you are telling the world you are no longer going to sit quietly by and let the right wing frame the debate.

Please share this web site with your friends. Thanks.

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*Additionally, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the
Bellingham, Washington Food Bank and other local worthy causes.